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"The Beckett"
The Beckett Newsletter: 23 April 2002
23 Apr 2002


Look out your window and you'll see the sun beating down which means that summer is rapidly approaching... four days of sweltering heat, the tubes will all break down, traffic will grind to a halt, but  you won't mind because the world has suddenly become full of very attractive people wearing very few clothes...

But what was my point? I forget exactly  but it probably had something to do with the run of gigs we have coming up.

: The Dublin Castle, Camden : Sun Apr 28 2002

 Firstly and most importantly is the Dublin Castle gig this Sunday in Camden. BE THERE!!! Lots of you have been asking for weekend gigs so we're really looking forward to seeing you there. It's an important venue on the circuit and the promoters run a couple of other important band nights around London.

£5 entry (remember to say you've come to see The Beckett). Better still, entry is £4 with a flier which you can download by visiting and print them off yourself!! Doors open at 8.45.

: The Kings Head, Fulham : Wed 27 Mar

 Just a quick note to say thanks for those that made it to the Kings Head gig. It was nice to headline again and it's a good venue with a great sound system. If you were there, you heard... LTF Intro : Velvet Breeze : Broken : Just Dreams : You : On and On : NovaCold : Walking With Butterflies : Cowboy Song.


: The Dublin Castle, Camden : Sun Apr 28 2002

Steeped in musical history and presenting some of the finest signed and unsigned bands in the country, The Dublin Castle is one of a handful of venues where it's reckoned you're guaranteed to hear the hottest new musical property. You already know we fall into that category so come along for the Guinness, the craic and The madness memorabilia.

: The Lil Backyard Club, West End : Fri 17 May 2002

This night used to be held at a venue by Great Portland Street station and was always a great night out in a really intimate environment. The night is now held in  a pub called The Phoenix which is apparently behind Oxford Street somewhere. Apparently it's an even better venue so we look forward to testing their new home!

: The Half Moon, Putney : Thu May 30 2002

After rocking their venue earlier this month, those nice people at the Half Moon asked us back again and we just didn't have the heart to turn them down. If the last gig was anything to go by, it should be a great night. Come down early and give some support to our two support bands.

As always, further details and maps to the venues can be found on our website

: <<title goes here>> : released March 11

We're getting some great feedback from the new CD. As always, it's priced at £4 and you can get yours from us directly, by emailing us (involves paying p&p) or from one of the gigs. Tracks include Cowboy Song, Broken, Walking With Butterflies. Thanks once again to Anna Goodsell for the great artwork.

: first public airing at a gig near you...

We've been oh so busy writing new material recently and seem to be getting even closer to exactly the sound and feel that we're after. We expect to present one new song at each of the next three gigs which should be incentive enough  in itself! to get your a*ses down to all the gigs.


Don't forget - the next date for your diaries is the Dublin Castle gig in Camden this Sunday. Look forward to seeing you there.

The Beckett are David Prestwich, Emlyn Hall, George Georgiou, Mark Brimson and Mark Wardle. This has been a Sunday Session Production.


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