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"The Beckett"
The Beckett Newsletter: 21 June 2001
21 Jun 2001

Work in Progress / Summer Gigs

When we sat down to write this it was quite hard to pinpoint exactly what's happened since March.

We took some time to distance ourselves from the songs and the set and came back to everything in April with new songs and ideas and with a stronger conviction than ever that what we're doing is right.

What we're doing is so right that your grandchildren will ask you about The Beckett and you'll be able to answer with pride, that you were there.

The CD has been doing the rounds and there's only a handful left now. We've had interest from some radio stations and magazines you'll never have heard of and some you will have. And the BBC have been in touch!

What does or doesn't develop from these leads is not as important right now as the extra confidence it's given us in our material, our abilities and our potential. With a little luck and a few Beckettes, who knows what can happen.

For those that didn't know, we have a mini-tour of Cornwall booked for the first couple of weeks in August and a few warm-up London dates planned for the end of July. Keep an eye out here for details as they're confirmed.

As for the rest of the year - we're taking everything one step at a time. August will mark the return to regular gigging for The Beckett, the winter may or may not see some more studio time, the new year may or may not see another invitation only gig to showcase new material. One thing is for certain though; the songs keep coming, and The Beckett keep improving their unique brand of Modern Jangly Rock & Roll 

The Beckett are David Prestwich, Emlyn Hall, George Georgiou, Mark Brimson and Mark Wardle. This has been a Sunday Session Production.


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