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"The Beckett"
The Beckett Newsletter: 18 March 2001
18 Mar 2001

Mezzanine Bar Gig / The Velvet Breeze EP

Wow, what a hectic few weeks!

For those that didn't know, The Beckett performed live for the first time in 6 years on Feb 24th. What a buzz!

In spite of technical difficulties (yeah, yeah, we know) the Mezzanine Bar gig was well received, and with well over 100 people there the fan base is growing. If you were there you heard the following tracks:

coming home
wide tonight
velvet breeze
just dreams
silence in the rain
on and on
a light that fades

Special thanks to Kieron, Dave and Ben for some great comedy and making us laugh generally; Chris, Nick and Achilleas for engineering, playing roadie, recording and general help; Anna, Jo and Lindsay for being patient and for bringing loads of people; Emma at ExtraTime and Steve at Graffix for being so accommodating. There are lots of others who deserve a mention, but this isn't an Oscars speech, so thanks to all of you! To Beckettes all over the world: Thanks. We're on our way!!
The next gig is most likely to be in Kings Cross during April - details tbc. Keep an eye on

This weekend (16th-18th March) saw us in the studio for the first time ever. I now understand why it can take bands months to record an album.

The master for the first CD has been cut and it should be available within the next few weeks. Its' primary purpose is to tout around and play for bookers to help us get gigging regularly. Obviously we'll be making it available to anyone who wants to buy a copy!

We're incredibly pleased with it. Frankly, the amount we managed to get done in two 12 hour overnight sessions this weekend is pretty impressive considering we didn't know what we were doing. The first Beckett recording is called The Velvet Breeze EP and contains Velvet Breeze, A Light That Fades and Wide Tonight. Design, Artwork and Graphics courtesy of Anna Goodsell and Clare Watters.

Thanks to BonaFide Studios, and especially to Jeremiah, Danun, Rob, Brian and of course Jaz the cat for providing a welcome distraction. Oh and boys; pat yourself on the back - great work.

Anyway, there's lots to be achieved before work tomorrow (like catching up on 3 days' sleep). Hope life is treating you as well as it is us at the moment; we're looking forward to the next time.

The Beckett are David Prestwich, Emlyn Hall, George Georgiou, Mark Brimson and Mark Wardle. This has been a Sunday Session Production.


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