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"The Beckett"
The Beckett Newsletter: 19 Oct 2002: This is the end...
19 October 2002

This is the endů

This week after much soul-searching from all involved, the decision was made for The Beckett to disband.

For me that makes this a strange newsletter to write, and I almost didn't do so. The Beckett has been a channel of so many energies from so many people for such a long time, and this seems so final; but I guess that's because it is.

There were a lot of reasons for the break-up, but I'm pleased that none of them is because we've fallen out or argued or anything like that, or even that we've given up our creative outlet. I'd be very surprised if we weren't still involved in music for years to come, and probably were again very soon. I'd also be surprised if none of us worked on projects together in the future - there's too much common ground and we're too close to lose touch so expect to hear from us again!

The website and the guestbook will remain operational for another couple of weeks so feel free to leave a message (please keep it clean!!) And I expect that our page will remain for some time with downloads of the songs although information on the band may(!) be a little out of date.

There are still some CD's left (Moat Sessions and <title goes here>) and we've still got a couple of bills to pay so if you never had one, get in touch with your friendly ex band- member and expand your collection.

I don't think there's much more to be said really, except to thank everybody who's seen us, listened to us, supported and helped us in what has been an incredibly challenging and rewarding two years (or eight years depending on your viewpoint). We've loved almost every minute of it.

In the meantime keep on supporting the live scene. Contrary to popular opinion it is recovering from the onslaught of manufactured music; teenagers are buying guitars again instead of (or as well as) sequencers and turntables  and I look forward to the day when a midweek trip to a live venue is once again a common occurrence.

That's it I think. If you know of anyone looking for a bassist, or a drummer, or a guitarist or a song-writer - mention us. Remember to tell them what an outstanding band The Beckett were, what a great show they put on, and what a great bunch of blokes they are.

Best of luck with everything you do. Thanks again, take care of yourselves and keep creating.


The Beckett were David Prestwich, Emlyn Hall, George Georgiou, Mark Brimson and Mark Wardle. This has been a Sunday Session Production.


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